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Nyimak- Fire Ghost Zoh
Just having fun with my :iconequirafc: OC.

Nyimak has Fire and Mirage Zoh. When he combines them he can "teleport". He can use it almost instanlty or take his time vanishing into the fire for style. 

I got the idea from Sasuke when he leaves using his jutsu with Orochimaru.

Equira: Nyimak by Immortal-Wenz

Equira (c) :iconnarsilion:
Nobunaga- Naruto OC by Immortal-Wenz
Nobunaga- Naruto OC
Name: Nobunaga
Rank: Samurai General 
Birthday: Jan 24
Ht/Wt: 6'03 / 172 lbs.
Blood type: A-
Personality: Calm, disciplined and level-headed person. Humble. Have strong ideals, devoted to the ideal of harmony.


As one of the Land of Iron strongest samurai, he was selected to become the 7-tails, Chomei, Jinchuriki. He was the first samurai ever to be directly involved with tailed beasts. He fights using 2 swords, Kuro and Shiro, a pair of chinese Schimitars. But he's also strong in hand-to-hand combat.

According to :iconimmortal-wenz:'s data book:
- He wishes to fight the othere Jinchurikis
- He became a jinchuriki at age 15.
Equira: Nyimal- Flame Breath

Tried doing an animation of Nyimak using his Fire Zoh. He took his hoodie off, thats how you know he means business XD

Still practicing. Imma make some more later...

Equira: Nyimak by Immortal-Wenz
Nijime Sage Mode by Immortal-Wenz
Nijime Sage Mode
“Do you know why they call me Konoha's White Dragon?"

This is Nijime's Sage mode in the version where he leaves Konoha to for Yugure. When he goes Sage mode, his skin turns pale and grows 2 horn like appendages on his forehead (like Kabuto). His teeth are now fangs, and his hair turns white. The sage markings are red.
Nijime also grows scales all over his body, which are harder than steel.

-Sage Art: Innorganic Animation- Controls enviroment Rank: A
-Sage Art: White Dragon's Breath- Powerful and destructive blueish flame blast Rank: A
-Sage Art: Dragon's Ascend- Fuses with a summoned Dragon Rank: S

Higure, Yuugure Leader-sama by Immortal-Wenz



Puerto Rico
I'm Firebat

Current Residence: In an island
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: color ink
Favourite genre of music: almost all
Favourite style of art: "manga"
MP3 player of choice: i pod
Shell of choice: clam shell
Skin of choice: dragon or shark
Favourite cartoon character: Sasuke(naruto), Yusei(yugioh), Bart Simpson.
Personal Quote: vampire are stronger than werewolves
1. You Must Post These Rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer The Given Questions, Then Ask 10 Questions For The People you Tagged.
4. You have to tag ten people.
5. No Tag Backs.
6. You Must tag ten REAL People.

About me...  WHO AM I??!! o.O

Spanish is my first lenguage.
2. I learned english when i was about 10 yrs old, so i could play YUGIOH.
3. I draw better when im listening to music... ideas just appear *puff* just like that.
4. Sometimes my eyes color changes, and look kinda hazelish... they are naturally brown.
5. HALFWAY DONE WUUU!... Im super shy, but once i et confortable, theres no stopping me.
6.  Theres 2 sides of me: Vegetable me- is when im home doing nothing, eating all day or sleeping, drawing, etc; Nightowl me- when im out drinking and stuff LOL.
7. I dont vote, and though i believe in God, i dont care about any religion.
8. If i like an anime, i will make me an OC of that anime ^^
9. Excersicing is part of my every day life...
10. I hava car... Her name is Roxanne... got the name from athe song "Roxanne" by The Police.
DONEEEE! Well, almost ha.


1. Sea, earth or sky?
2. Favorite color?
Blue. Because why not.
3. Do you like Vocaloid? If yes, what's your favorite?
I dont know what that is :(
4. You laugh when someone falls?
YES. I mean, no -.o
5. Do you like swim?
I love swiming.
6. Natural water (rivers, lagoons, etc...) or pool?
Pool and the beach
7. Your favorite plant?
Roses... U can draw a bunch of stuff rose-based
8. What would you be?
9. The strangest dream you've had?
Pretty much every single one of the one of any of my OCs
10. Do you like animals?
  • Listening to: the sound of the night
  • Reading: things you people write
  • Watching: contest entries



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